Ako'y si Fannie,
'Sang babaeng korni.
Minsan online writer,
Pero laging baliw.

free hugs

September 9, 2012 11:13 pm
  • me: im ugly
  • friends: no you're not
  • me: I AM UGLY and that's a fact. guys don't add me on facebook and like my pictures, they don't ask for my number, i get 5 text a day, one from my dad, two from my mom, one from the phone company and another one from some girl in my class asking me if there's something for tomorrow. guys don't text me saying 'goodmorning beautiful' or just even saying 'hi whats up?' if i have any guy friends they're one maybe two. you guys DO get texts, boys flirt with you, you're always complaining about boys, when nobody ever calls me pretty. you guys get a compliment at least twice a day, boys play with your hair, kiss your cheek, hold you from behind, and i'm just there watching, and if any boy wants to talk to me it's because they want me to give them something, or to call me bad names. i don't have 120 likes on my profile picture, i'm scared of doing a party because i know i would't have any guy friends to invite. is it because i don't let anyone know me? NO, it's because i don't look good. why all the pretty girls out there are full of 'guy friends'? don't tell me because they're the best people ever because it ain't true. my teeth are not perfect, i don't like my smile, i'm insecure af, my eyes have nothing special, i don't even have the perfect body, so don't tell me i'm not ugly because i am.
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